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Improve your body proportions with arm lift surgery (brachioplasty) in Thailand

Arm lift surgeryArm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, is a popular way to reduce unsightly sagging and bulging of the upper arms.

If you are a young woman with firm skin around disproportionate arms that don’t fit into short-sleeved shirts and blouses, you can bring your arms into proportion with the rest of your body with liposculpture ("arm lipo”).

For middle-aged men and women whose arms have sagged with age — resulting in loose skin and tissue thickening — arm reduction can help you turn back time, get rid of your "bingo wings” and regain that youthful appearance.

Brachioplasty can also help those men and women of any age who have lost a significant amount of weight and wish to be rid of loose, sagging skin.

Talk to the friendly team at Neume about restoring the youthful look of your arms with arm plastic surgery in Thailand.

Why choose Thailand for your arm lift surgery?

These days, more and more people are choosing to fly to Thailand for cosmetic surgery procedures. There are many reasons for choosing to have your arm lift in Thailand, including:
  • It’s affordable — cosmetic surgery in Thailand is significantly less expensive than in Australia, America or the UK. At Neume we tailor our prices to suit your specific requirements; please contact us today to find out more.
  • It’s extremely safe — we’ve partnered with a number of first class medical centres and hospitals to bring you safe and effective thigh surgery from highly experienced plastic surgeons. So you know that when you book through us, safety and high quality is guaranteed.
  • Thailand is the perfect place to recover — what could be better than soaking in a turquoise sea, sunbathing on beautiful white sand, and eating delicious, fresh food every day while recovering from cosmetic surgery? These activities will pamper your body and soul, so you can return home feeling fantastic.


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“I found my stay in the hospital very good, and the nurses were kind. The people of Thailand are very nice.”  Paul Gunn