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Feel more confident with labia reduction and reconstruction (vaginoplasty) in Thailand

If you're embarrassed to misshaped, irregular or enlarged labia, vaginal surgery in Thailand will give you renewed confidence.

The labia folds can stretch and cause problems with sexual intercourse and other activities such as cycling, walking and even just sitting. For some women it becomes difficult to wear tight trousers, and stockings become very uncomfortable.

If enlarged labia are making you feel self-conscious, withdrawn and inhibited, and you find this interferes with your enjoyment of life and intimacy, labia reduction surgery may be the answer.

Talk to us and find a solution to this embarrassing condition. Our team understands that this is a personal, sensitive issue and we’ll treat your enquiry with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Why choose labia reduction in Thailand?

These days, more and more people are choosing to fly to Thailand for their cosmetic surgery procedures. There are many reasons for choosing to have vaginoplasty in Thailand, including:
  • It’s affordable — cosmetic surgery in Thailand is significantly less expensive than in Australia, America or the UK. At Neume we tailor our prices to suit your specific requirements; please contact us today to find out more.
  • It’s extremely safe — we’ve partnered with a number of first class medical centres and hospitals to bring you safe and effective vagina surgery from highly experienced plastic surgeons. So you know that when you book through us, safety and high quality is guaranteed.
  • Thailand is the perfect place to recover — what could be better than soaking in a turquoise sea, sunbathing on beautiful white sand, and eating delicious, fresh food every day while recovering from cosmetic surgery? These activities will pamper your body and soul, so you can return home feeling fantastic.

Get in touch with our caring team today to find out more about vaginal surgery in Thailand.

“I found my stay in the hospital very good, and the nurses were kind. The people of Thailand are very nice.”  Paul Gunn