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Reduce the signs of stress and aging with an eyebrow lift in Thailand

Eyebrow Lift surgery If you have a heavy, low or sagging brow that is causing hooding of the upper eyelids, a brow lift may alleviate the tired, heavy look that results from this condition. Eyebrow lift surgery can adjust the shape and arch of your brow and raise your eyebrows for a more alert and youthful look.

Brow lift surgery is frequently performed in conjunction with:
  • Eyelid surgery for more youthful eyes.
  • Facelift to reduce the signs of aging and sagging in the mid- to lower face.
  • Neck lift to remove loose skin and signs of aging around the neck.

Why choose to have your eyebrow lift surgery in Thailand?

There are many reasons to choose Thailand for your cosmetic surgery, including the affordable cost, the high standard of medical care, the friendly people, wonderful climate and the delicious food. It’s also easy to combine your surgeries for a total makeover — so you can head home feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed after your fantastic medical holiday.

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