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Archive — March 2012

Nose surgery in Thailand: safe, effective and affordable

Nose Surgery

If you’ve felt uncomfortable with your nose your entire life, or have injured it as a result of playing sport or being involved in an accident, nose surgery can help.

Of course, the prospect of nose surgery can be extremely daunting. Your nose is the centre point of your face, which is why many people put off undergoing nose surgery for fear of an unnatural or ‘pinched’ look.

However, this can be completely avoided by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon that is an expert at his or her craft. Our Thailand plastic surgeons have carried out nose surgery hundreds of times, and will be able to provide you with the perfect shape for your unique facial features. So why else should you choose to undergo nose surgery in Thailand?

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“The experience that I had was just wonderful, and the care was exceptional. This is a five-star hospital compared to what we have back home in Australia.”  Susan Usher