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Save money with laser eye surgery in Thailand

thai woman in chair awaiting laser eye surgery
Are you sick of having to wear glasses and contact lenses all the time? Wish you could experience the freedom that perfect vision brings? Laser eye surgery in Thailand could be the answer.

What is laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a minor surgical procedure that aims to permanently correct near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. Skilled surgeons use LASIK (wavefront laser eye) surgery to reshape your cornea by the tiniest fraction, drastically improving your clarity of vision. The operation takes just a few minutes to complete.

As part of the laser eye surgery, you will undergo an initial eye examination, as well as a number of follow-up appointments. The procedure is suitable for most people over the age of 18, except those who have corneal/eye diseases, or may be pregnant or breastfeeding.

What results should I expect from laser eye surgery?

The outcome of laser eye surgery is generally very successful, with many patients reporting an improvement to their natural eyesight immediately after surgery. Tests have shown that by the next day, 99% of patients could pass a driving test without their glasses or contact lenses.
And the best news of all? The effects are predicted to last your entire life.

Why should I undergo laser eye surgery in Thailand?

Laser eye surgery in Australia can be extremely expensive, and is often unaffordable for those who need it. By visiting Thailand for your procedure, you’ll be able to save many thousands of dollars and enjoy the benefits of clear, 20/20 vision — whatever your income.

Thailand doesn’t just offer a reasonable price — it also provides a completely safe, high quality medical experience. Our highly qualified LASIK surgery practitioners will carry out your operation in a comfortable, modern, high-tech facility, and have many years experience performing laser eye surgery.

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“I found my stay in the hospital very good, and the nurses were kind. The people of Thailand are very nice.”  Paul Gunn