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Nose surgery in Thailand: safe, effective and affordable

Nose Surgery

If you’ve felt uncomfortable with your nose your entire life, or have injured it as a result of playing sport or being involved in an accident, nose surgery can help.

Of course, the prospect of nose surgery can be extremely daunting. Your nose is the centre point of your face, which is why many people put off undergoing nose surgery for fear of an unnatural or ‘pinched’ look.

However, this can be completely avoided by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon that is an expert at his or her craft. Our Thailand plastic surgeons have carried out nose surgery hundreds of times, and will be able to provide you with the perfect shape for your unique facial features. So why else should you choose to undergo nose surgery in Thailand?

Nose surgery in Thailand is extremely safe

We partner with many of Thailand’s best hospitals to give you access to some of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the country. When you arrive in Thailand, you’ll undergo a full consultation with your doctor to discuss the shape of your new nose, your operation and any questions you may have.

Once you feel completely confident about the procedure, you’ll undergo nose surgery in one of Thailand’s state-of-the-art hospitals. You’ll be carefully monitored during and after the operation, and will receive the highest standard of care until you’re ready to be discharged.

Nose surgery in Thailand is effective

During your consultation with your doctor, you’ll undergo a thorough assessment of your nose and facial features. The doctor will take many photos, which will help him or her to judge the best type of nose for your appearance. Your stature and gender will also be taken into account — for example a 6 foot tall man wouldn’t suit the same nose as a smaller woman with delicate facial features.

The cost of nose surgery in Thailand is considerably more affordable than Australia

Of course, money isn’t the only consideration when deciding on your rhinoplasty operation. But what if you could pay for your nose surgery, flights to-and-from Thailand, a luxury hotel AND spending money, for the price of the same cosmetic surgery procedure in Australia?

Many of our clients have found that this is possible. And once they’ve arrived in Thailand they’ve been delighted with the extremely high standards of the medical facilities, and the courtesy and professionalism of the medical staff.

At Neume, we can help you relax, rejuvenate and rediscover the new you! To find out more about nose surgery in Thailand, email our friendly team today at


“I found my stay in the hospital very good, and the nurses were kind. The people of Thailand are very nice.”  Paul Gunn