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Tips for organising your overseas plastic surgery

So you’ve made the decision to have plastic surgery overseas. But now what?

Its natural to feel slightly overwhelmed, especially if you’re planning on travelling alone to a country you’ve never visited before. But with some careful organisation, your overseas cosmetic surgery will go without a hitch — and will hopefully turn into the holiday of a lifetime!

Here are some key considerations when planning your trip…

Overseas plastic surgery tip 1: Do your research

The more research you do, the better you’ll feel about your overseas cosmetic surgery. Whether you’re having a breast augmentation, nose surgery, a facelift, a tummy tuck or something else, it’s important that you book your operation with an experienced surgeon at a reputable, high quality hospital. A decent cosmetic surgeon will liaise with you before your trip, and will be happy to provide testimonials and photos from previous patients they have operated on.

If you’re not sure where to start, let an experienced cosmetic surgery holidays agent such as Neume organise your trip for you. They’ll take care of choosing a reputable surgeon from the first-class Phuket International Aesthetic Centre (one of the best cosmetic surgery hospitals in Thailand). That way you’ll be SURE you’re in good hands — so you can stop worrying, and get on with enjoying your holiday.

Overseas plastic surgery tip 2: Arrange high quality, comfortable accommodation in a central area

Cosmetic Surgery Thailand

When you’re recovering from cosmetic surgery, your accommodation is extremely important. The last thing you want is to be staying in a dodgy hotel far away from local amenities! Take some time to consider your ideal type of accommodation. Is it a luxurious five-star hotel? A simple, minimalist holiday apartment? A relaxed, romantic hut by the beach? It’s worth researching your chosen accommodation before you book, to ensure it’s up to the high standards you’ll require.

If this is your first visit to the country, you may be unsure about the best places to stay. The team at Neume have been to Thailand many times, and have excellent relationships with many of the leading accommodation providers in Phuket. So if you’d like to make sure your overseas plastic surgery accommodation is memorable for all the RIGHT reasons, give us a call today.

Overseas plastic surgery tip 3: Relax…

Travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery can be daunting, but once you’ve planned your operation and accommodation you should try to relax. Think of your trip as a holiday, rather than just plastic surgery overseas. It’s useful to read up on the country you’ll be visiting, so you know a bit about its history, culture and food. Another good idea is to plan some relaxing activities (such as sightseeing, massages and shopping) to look forward to once you’ve recovered.

At Neume, we’re passionate about providing you with an enjoyable, hassle-free and relaxing cosmetic surgery experience in Thailand. To chat to the team about any questions or worries you may have, simply contact us.

“We’ve been using the hospital here for 10 years — it’s always been fantastic.”  Susanne Ultmann