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Breast implant types: some options to consider

Our last post about breast augmentation discussed the pros and cons of saline and silicone breast implants, and gave you some information to help you make the right decision for your body.
In this article, we’ll go into more detail about the other options you’ll be presented with when it comes to your breast enlargement operation. Should you choose round or teardrop-shaped implants? Are smooth or textured implants best? And what are the differences between low, moderate and high profile implants?
Of course, your cosmetic surgeon will be on-hand advise you about the best type of breast implants for your body and lifestyle. But it pays to be fully informed when it comes to making such a big decision, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide.

Round or teardrop-shaped breast implants?

Breast ImplantsThe shape of your implants mostly comes down to the results you hope to achieve from your breast augmentation surgery. Round breast implants provide more upper pole fullness, which means that breasts will usually look rounder, fuller and more ‘enhanced’. These are the most popular type of breast implants for many women. These implants are perfectly round, which means they can rotate within the body and look exactly the same from every angle.

Teardrop breast implants (sometimes called anatomical implants) more closely resemble the shape of the breast — offering greater projection at the lower pole, and resulting in a more subtle, natural look. However, teardrop implants must be textured, not smooth. Also, if a teardrop implant shifts position within the body, it can end up sitting in the ‘wrong’ position — making the breast look strange and misshapen.

A smooth or textured shell?

Round implants can be smooth or textured, whereas the teardrop equivalents only come with a textured shell. Smooth shells are easy to insert and have a lower rate of rippling (so you don’t have to worry so much about ‘wrinkling’ of the breasts). They feel softer than textured breast implants, and move around in a natural way when the body is active. However, smooth shells come with a higher risk of capsular contracture — especially silicone implants.

Textured shells cause less friction between the implant and the breast pocket, so the risk of capsular contracture is significantly reduced. However textured implants have thicker shells, which means that it’s possible to feel the implant through the skin — especially if you’re slim or have small breasts.

Low, moderate or high profile breast implants?

The ‘profile’ of your breast implants determines how far the implant protrudes from the chest, as well as the base diameter of the implant. You need to work closely with your plastic surgeon to choose a profile that suits your frame and will give you the cup fullness you desire.

For many women, a moderate profile is the best choice. Width and projection are proportionate to one another, giving a regular, natural look for women of an average size. Moderate profile implants can also work well for women with smaller frames.

Low profile breast implants are wider and flatter, so are best for women with larger frames as the base diameter takes up a more space. However, this type of implant can often look quite flat. High profile implants have a narrower base diameter, so a good for women with less natural breast tissue and a narrower chest. These give a very ‘full’ look to the breasts, so are perfect for women who desire a more projected bust line.

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