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Overseas cosmetic surgery on TV: Sunday Night's "Sun, sand and surgery"

This week, Channel 7’s Sunday Night featured an item on overseas cosmetic surgery. The excellent ‘Sun, sand and surgery’ explained that plastic surgery operations in Thailand (along with many other medical procedures, such as hip replacements, dental treatments and other general procedures) are on the rise — and travelling to the country for treatment is especially common amongst Australians.

So what makes overseas cosmetic surgery so popular?

Well, of course, price is the main draw, as cosmetic surgery in Thailand is usua...
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Plastic surgery in Thailand: How much will it cost?

going to Thailand for Cosmetic Surgery HolidaysWhen it comes to plastic surgery in Thailand, the cost of treatment can vary from person to person. It depends on many different factors, including the type of operation, the length of the stay in hospital, and the recovery period. But one thing’s for certain — cosmetic surgery in Thailand is significantly more affordable than Australia, Europe or the USA.

When pla

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3 things to consider when choosing the best plastic surgeon for your operation

image of surgary team in hospital
Undergoing plastic surgery is a huge life decision. You want to be sure that cosmetic surgery will leave you feeling happier and more confident, which is why it’s VITAL to do your research and make sure you choose the best plastic surgeon for your needs.

When it comes to deciding on the right plastic surgeon, there are 3 key things to consider:

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Five reasons to visit Thailand for your cosmetic surgery procedure

Cosmetic surgery is an important decision, and one that will hopefully change your life for the better. Whether you need breast implants, nose surgery, or something else, you want to be certain your operation will be safe, successful and affordable.

When it comes to plastic surgery, Thailand is one of the safest, most popular and most affordable destinations in the world.

Here's a quick overview of the many benefits and advantages of having your cosmetic surgery holiday in Thailand...
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“If a friend asked me if they should come to Thailand for treatment, I would highly recommend it. Not just because of the service and quality, but also because of the price.”  Melida Weber