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Terms and Conditions

This document set out the contractual terms & conditions in relation to the services provided to you by NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways and our participating hospitals and clinics, as well as surgeons and specialists.

It is compulsory to read and state that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions below:
  • NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways is a Healthcare Facilitator that helps and guides patients to obtain cosmetic and dental treatment in Thailand and is NOT a Healthcare Provider.
  • NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways assists each Client in the research of participating hospitals and surgeons, procedures available and prices, travel and accommodation options in Phuket only.
  • The initial enquiry consultation between NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways and the Client is free of charge. Once the Client decides to proceed further and the assessments and bookings begin, a non-refundable NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways Administrative Fee of AUD$399.00 is payable.
  • All Quotations are valid for 14 days only. All flight quotations are valid for 48 hours only.
  • To make bookings and to accept the approximate quoted prices please fill in our booking form on or request a form to be mailed or faxed to you.
  • Disclaimer must be signed and returned by fax or email before booking goes ahead.
  • Our quotation for your surgery is an approximation only as pricing depends on a number of factors including but not limited to current exchange rates and the general health of the patient.
  • The Client should be aware of and understand fully the risks associated with any surgical procedure or treatment, no matter where the location, hospital or surgeon.
  • Prices quoted are based on standard and non-complicated cases, are current at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. All assessments are done on a case by case basis.
  • What goods and services are included in the Pre-Consultation Price Estimate?
    • Estimate cost of Medical Procedure
    • Estimate cost of the Accommodation for specific period not extended stay
    • Estimate Cost of Air Fare including taxes where applicable
    • Estimate Cost of Medical Insurance (if required)
    • Administrative Booking Fee
  • Any costs/quotes mentioned for procedure(s) in all preliminary/initial communications, are estimates only and may not be the final price. Only after a full consultation, discussions, assessment and examination with the surgeon, additional procedures, modifications or possible health considerations, will the final cost be confirmed.
  • A full written quote will be given by the hospital once you have had your initial face to face consultation with your surgeon by the hospital.
  • The staff and representatives of NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways are not medical practitioners. We are the coordinators of your medical package. The hospital is responsible for all the medical advice which is directed through NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways.
  • NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways is not licensed to and therefore does not participate or conduct any taxi or transfer service to any client in Australia. If required, this will be arranged as part of the travel package with an external source.
  • Photographs (before) will be required for reviewing and evaluation by the hospital surgeon, prior to travelling at your own cost.
  • You may be asked to supply photos so that the Doctor can pre-plan your surgery more accurately. This is advisable for large areas and multiple surgeries.
  • A Client may bring any photos or visuals aids that will help explain what they want or expect from a treatment/surgery during the assessment stage and /or during the consultation with the surgeon.
  • Any Client photographs will not be publicised in any format without the Client’s permission.
  • Prior to surgery, the surgeon may require the Client to undergo laboratory investigations and/or diagnostic examinations to ensure that they are fit for surgery (particularly, men and women over 50 - 55 years). These tests are standard hospital procedure and may incur an additional cost.
  • Prior to undergoing any surgical procedure in Thailand, each Client will be informed and will have to sign a statement of consent and authorization for surgery/treatment provided by the Hospital and that the client has understood, acknowledged and confirmed all discussions during the consultation with the surgeon.
  • Any Client with a pre-existing condition, e.g. Type 1 Diabetes, Depression, Anxiety, is to supply a doctors or specialists release or authorization to proceed with surgery.
  • Please be aware and understand that every individual is physically built differently therefore, results will be differ per individual. Also, every individual will feel and recover at varying rates post-surgery. We advise that you discuss with the surgeon.
  • Unexpected outcomes and complications post-surgery that are not foreseen and are of no fault of the surgeon or the hospital will be discussed between the patient and surgeon with the aim of resolving to the satisfaction of all parties.
  • Where a client remains dissatisfied, mediation between the parties can occur and an arbitration and clinical review process that is responsible for resolving disputes may be involved.
  • Any accommodation costs promoted in this website will vary depending on the departure city, destination, accommodation, season and availability and exchange rate.
  • Travel Insurance - NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways strongly recommends each Client take out Medical Procedure Insurance Plan specifically tailored for medical tourist/travelers.
  • Please read the Product Disclaimer attached with all Travel Insurance policies and travel / flight booking and ticketing. Refunds may not be given if you decide to cancel flights or shorten the length of stay at a resort/hotel.
  • When travelling to Thailand you are required to have a passport valid for no less than 6 months upon arrival. Apply and arrange for passports well in advance of your departure date.
  • Please check with your local embassy if a visa is required.
  • Please try to allow at least 7 days after surgery or as advised by the hospital/surgeon. For multiple surgeries, which are quite common, please try to allow for 12 -14 days or as advised by the hospital/surgeons.
  • NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways will proceed with your booking and obtain your Hospital Registration Number on receipt of the Booking Agents fee as requested. Payment of the booking agent fees to be made payable to -- NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways by -- Cash, cash deposit; bank transfer or, cheque made out to NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways.
  • If you are required to undergo a pre-op test, then a fee for pre-op test is payable on day of your Doctors consultation. The hospital will advise you of the cost.
  • You will be advised by your coordinator, how and when to pay your Surgery package fees. These fees are paid directly to the hospital.
  • The cost of your surgery will exclude : o mammograms or EKG’s or other specialized tests. Women over 40 will require a mammogram if not supplied. o Any treatment for underlying diseases or conditions, medications or laboratory investigation that could arise during normal pre-op investigations. o Heart, kidney, lungs, liver malfunctions before, during or after operation that will require urgent treatment. o Extra hospital room charges for patient person expenses such as room upgrade, extra meals, extra accommodation for stays longer than package price stated, soft drinks, newspapers, phone calls from hospital phone etc. o Any additional charges for treatments, incurring costs after the operation or any other treatment or medical costs not related to the original package price.
Website Material
Website information is derived from a variety of sources and as such, NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways is not responsible or liable for any inaccuracies or omissions as a result of information received from third parties. NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways does not advocate any specific technique or philosophy of cosmetic or other surgery procedure, nor does it endorse any medical procedure whatsoever. NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways does not warrant that the information or material on this website is entirely free from error or omissions. 

NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways does not guarantee the outcome or any results of the Clients’ procedure/s performed by the surgeon at the hospital in Phuket. NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways is a "facilitator” only, facilitating in this assistance and arrangements of documentation, surgery dates, travel and accommodation only. NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways does not accept any liability in contract or in tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure, unanticipated or uncontrollable event or effect on our part or directly or indirectly in connection with any trip organized by NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways on the Client’s behalf. The Client agrees to release, defend and hold harmless NeuMe Cosmetic Surgery Getaways and its officers, employees and agents from all such liability and indemnify each of them severally against any claims that may be made by or through the Client related to and via any use of this website, social media, and in directly in person, in any manner.
“If a friend asked me if they should come to Thailand for treatment, I would highly recommend it. Not just because of the service and quality, but also because of the price.”  Melida Weber